Argyrochosma microphylla

Argyrochosma microphylla (Mett. ex Kuhn)
Windham, (Greek: mikros, micro, small or little, and phyllon, leaf, = small-leaved)

Local names: small-leaf false cloak fern, small-leaf cloak fern, small-leaf silver fern

Leaves 7–25 cm long; leaf blades 3–4-pinnate basally, 2-pinnate distally, leathery, glabrous on both surfaces, often glaucous; 2n = 54 (Windham 1993b). Hillsides, cliffs, and canyons, on ledges and talus, and in crevices, both in shade and exposed, apparently limited to limestone substrates; mainly occurring in Trans-Pecos and the Edwards Plateau, this species is disjunct in East TX in Brazos Co. (H.B. Parks s.n., 14 Dec 1938, TAES; Correll 1956), and Howard Co. (Correll 15177, TEX-LL) in the s Plains Country; NM and TX; also n Mexico. Sporulating summer–fall. [Pellaea microphylla (Mettenius ex Kuhn) Windham, Cheilanthes parvifolia (R.M. Tryon) Mickel, Notholaena parvifolia R.M. Tryon] This species is easily distinguished from both A. dealbata and A. limitanea by the lack of whitish powdery or wax-like material on the lower leaf surfaces. Work by Knobloch et al. (1973) suggests that the species is made up of both diploids and tetraploids. It is reported to be poisonous to sheep (Correll 1956).

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