Marsilea mutica

Marsilea mutica Mett.

Local names: Australian water-clover, variegated water-clover, or banded nardoo

Native to Australia and New Caledonia, while currently unknown for TX, is known from AR and OK and widely across the se U.S. (Jacono & Johnson 2006). It should be looked for in TX by collectors. This species can be distinguished from all native TX Marsilea species by its pinnae being two-toned green, with a lighter color in the basal 1⁄3–2⁄3 and in having sporocarps lacking teeth (vs. pinnae evenly green and sporocarps with 1 or 2 ± prominent teeth). The two-tone pattern does not preserve well when specimens are heat-dried, but is still evident to a lesser degree (J. Peck, pers. comm.). It is sold in TX at nurseries and water garden stores for use in decorative “ponds” or water gardens. However, it is potentially invasive and is officially considered a noxious aquatic plant in OK (USDA 2009).

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