Phanerophlebia umbonata

Phanerophlebia umbonataUnderw.
(Latin, umbo, a rounded knob-like elevation or protuberance, and -atus, indicating possession, = having an umbo)

Local names: Chisos holly fern

Leaves to 70(–90) cm tall; leaf blades without basally lobed pinnae; pinnae lanceolate, 5–15 cm long; indusia scarious, with darker, raised, central umbo, persistent; 2n = 82 (Yatskievych 1993b). Moist spots in sheltered canyons and forested ravines; 1800–1900 m; in the U.S. known only from the Chisos Mts., Brewster Co. (e.g., P.D. Whitson 598, BRIT, TEX-LL; C. Ellis et al. 299, BRIT; Warnock 178, SRSC, TEX-LL; Young s.n. 1915, SRSC, TEX-LL; Parks & Cory 26487, TAES; Yatskievych 1996; Yarborough & Powell 2002); also n Mexico. Sporulating Jun–Oct. [Cyrtomium auriculatum (Underw.) C.V. Morton] This is the only member of the genus which has persistent indusia with a raised, darkened umbo in the center. Given its rareness and limited distribution in the state, we consider this species to be of conservation concern in TX. (Carr 2002a: G3S1)

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