Phanerophlebia auriculata

Phanerophlebia auriculata Underw.
(Latin: auricular, external ear, and -atus, indicating possession, = having an ear-like structure)

Local names: eared holly fern

Leaves to 65(–75) cm tall; leaf blades with at least some pinnae on every leaf having an acroscopic basal lobe; pinnae ovate to lanceolate, 2–10 cm long; indusia membranous, flat or concave in center, shriveling at maturity; 2n = 164 (Yatskievych 1993b). Moist sheltered areas in canyons and ravines (damp shaded canyon walls, under ledges, soil pockets in crevices); El Paso (e.g., Correll 13788, BRIT, TEX-LL, O’Kennon 10692, Hueco Tanks, BRIT; G.M. Soxman 448, TAES), Culberson (Johnston et al. 10728, TEX-LL), Jeff Davis (e.g., Warnock 21779, TEX–LL), and Brewster (e.g., R.A. Studhalter s.n., 1921, SRSC) cos. in the Trans-Pecos; AZ, NM, and TX; also n Mexico. Sporulating Jun–Nov. [Cyrtomium auriculatum (Underw.) C.V. Morton] Yatskievych (1996) suggested that this species is an allotetraploid with P. umbonata as one of the parents. Yarborough and Powell (2002) noted that it is rare. Given its rareness and limited distribution in the state, we consider this species to be of conservation concern in TX.

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